We believe every meal should be accompanied by a great glass of wine so we hope you enjoy our range of hand selected premium and restaurant quality wines from Australia and Italy.


The historical activity of our winery stems from a past that traces back to a century and a half ago, in 1882, characterized by tenant farming with a background of rubber stamps and notary seals. The vineyards about 70 hectares, are right at the center of heart of D.O.C.G Cerasuolo di Vittoria where, since ever excellent red wines were produced.

While Sicilian enology was just starting to take off, the AVIDE winery drew attention to itself thanks to its entrepreneurial skills, initiative and technical know-how consolidated by family tradition. Giovanni Demostene (the notary), Maria Stella Demostene (sister of the notary) and Giuseppe Calcaterra (husband of Maria Stella), were the co-founder of the vinery following the ancients traditions. Giovanni, Lidia and moreover Marco (are the tree sons of Maria Stella Stella and Giuseppe) represents the new family generation and the continuity of this very antique family that trust in the quality of their productions.

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