CLAYFIELD - Grampians, Victoria – VINO BAMBINO

CLAYFIELD - Grampians, Victoria

We believe every meal should be accompanied by a great glass of wine so we hope you enjoy our range of hand selected premium and restaurant quality wines from Australia and Italy.

Simon and Kaye Clayfield grow Shiraz and small quantities of Merlot and Durif vines at their Moyston winery and vineyard is located near the spectacular Grampians Ranges.

Since 1999 they have produced limited quantities of classical Western Victorian red wine. Additional Shiraz grapes which are grown high up on nearby Mt. Ararat are blended to produce a modern classic regional style wine marketed as ‘Clayfield Grampians Shiraz'.

The range of Clayfield Shiraz wines includes ‘Clayfield Massif Shiraz', 'Clayfield Grampians Shiraz' and ‘Thomas Wills Shiraz'.

The climate at Moyston is ideal for growing premium Shiraz, with 25 years of winemaking experience Simon Clayfield and has earned an enviable reputation for making some of the best Shiraz in Australia. Recent successes include Gold Awards in ‘The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge' and Winestate Magazine ‘Worlds Greatest Shiraz Challenge'.

The vineyards are grown organically, the wines are made using traditional methods and hand operated basket pressing.

Moyston was first settled by the pioneering family of Horatio Wills in 1840. The Will's first son young Thomas Wills grew up in the area where he played with local Aboriginal children and learnt their skills. After schooling in England Thomas Wills returned to Australia and excelled in cricket, he was very important in the early development of our national game of Australian Football; his epitaph recognizes him as the Founder of Australian Football and Champion Cricketer of his time. Clayfield ‘Thomas Wills Shiraz' is produced to honour this famous early Australian.

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