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Vigna Bottin - McLaren Vale, South Australia

We believe every meal should be accompanied by a great glass of wine so we hope you enjoy our range of hand selected premium and restaurant quality wines from Australia and Italy.

Generations of viticulture and a love for good food and wine conspired when Venetian Paolo met Calabrian Maria in 2001 and together they decided to embark upon making their own wines: Vigna Bottin.

Their family have been growing grapes in McLaren Vale since 1970 and in Italy for generations before that. Wines with an Italian spirit are their specialty.

From vineyard to barrel, their favourite Italian varieties thrive in the Mediterranean climate of McLaren Vale, developing into modern, Australian wines.


At first just for family and friends, in 2004 Vigna Bottin was born from the Bottin’s estate grown Italian grape varieties. Paolo’s father Anselmo and uncle Ferdinando instilled the skills and passion for viticulture in Paolo at a young age, but it wasn’t until a trip to Italy after many summers tending the vineyards of mainstream varieties that planting Italian grapes in Australian soil became a reality.

Slowly, the wines made with a philosophy of “what we don’t sell, we’ll consume” have grown to become something people look for.

Sadly for the family, their allocation now often needs to be given up. Vigna Bottin use organic practices and are carefully and progressively adopting systems that care for the environment. It’s their firm belief that sustainable agriculture is the way of the future.

Probably the best anecdote that encapsulates the Vigna Bottin story is this one from Maria: “Paolo’s dad Anselmo, now 83 years old still comes out to prune each year and help out where ever possible especially a few years ago when the industry was on quite a low and times were quite tough.

“Anselmo would say – don’t worry we’ll prune it all, you don’t need to get any body else to help – and sure thing at the crack of dawn he would be there rain or shine.”

“For Paul, being in the vineyard with the sun on his face or the rain on his back is where he is happiest.” Like father like son.

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