The Tuvè line is born to reflect the passion and warmth to the Italian liqueur tradition. The exasperated care of quality, the carefully selected raw materials, the systematic search of innovation are just some factors that have been distinguishing our products all along.


con estratto di menta piperita, arancio amaro e rabarbaro


Grappa di Lugana
Grappa 01This Grappa is obtained with the traditional method of distillation under vacuum in small copper alembics, employing only the grape marc of the local variety Turbiana.
Its particular delicate and light bouquet is reminiscent of all the aromas of the original grape residues.
Grappa di Lugana Benedictus
This “Grappa” is definitely a more complex and structured product in comparison with Grappa di Lugana giovane. It is derived from the distillation of the Turbiana vinasses in small copper alembics from which the “basic” Grappa is achieved and which is later aged in small oak-barrels for at least two years. After this evolutionary process the Grappa presents, a broad scent with hints of ripe fruit and wood and a softer and more enveloping flavour.


Montanaro is one of the most ancient distillery in Langa, established for a genial intuition of Francesco Trussoni , master of still, who created the first single vineyard Grappa using even grapes of Nebbiolo for Barolo. In 1922, Mauro Montanaro, together with his wife Angela Trussoni and son Giuseppe refined the product using the first still steam. Today Montanaro, worldwide known as one of the excellent artisanal and prestigious distillery from Langa, does not produce only grappa, but also liquors, flavored drink and vermouth.