This part of Irpinia land that divides the Valle del Sabato from Valle del Calore, which for thousands of years has been known for the cultivation of the vine; And it is just here, on the Serra di Montemiletto, about 550 meters away, where lies the Tenuta del Meriggio, in which centre is placed the modern winery.

In the framework of the general IOBC definition of Integrated Production, Integrated Production of grapes is defined as the economical production of high quality grapes, giving priority to ecologically safer methods, minimising the use and undesirable side effects of agro- chemicals and to enhance the safeguards to the environment and human health.

Based on this short definition Integrated Production of grapes emphasises on promoteing production systems that respect the environment, securing a sustainable production of healthy grapes of high quality and with a minimum occurrence of pesticide residues, protecting the farmers’ health when handling agro-chemicals, promoting and maintaining a high biological diversity in the ecosystem of the vineyard and in surrounding areas, giving priority to the use of natural regulating mechanisms, preserving and promoting long-term soil fertility, and minimising pollution of water, soil and air.

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