Vigna Bottin Sangiovese 2015 – VINO BAMBINO
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Vigna Bottin Sangiovese 2015


Award Winning Wine

Vigna Bottin has been growing Sangiovese for over a decade. It is one of northern Italy's most noblest varieties and hails from central Italy, most famously Chianti, Tuscany's iconic wine. We love it as it has proven to be well suited to the warm, maritime climate of the McLaren Vale region as the red fruit flavours have freshness about them with good strong ripe tannins and vibrant acidity which are the key indicators of the variety.

We were very happy with our harvest as quality was high and the fruit having no disease pressures which can dilute colour and purity of flavour. This was achieved by our work in the vineyard increasing the air flow through the canopy from removing shoots early in the season followed by continually bunch thinning to reduce crop load to further minimise disease pressure and reliance to spray. All this by hand!

Tasting Notes

Colour: an almost cherry red, purple aborigine appearance
Bouquet: dominated by cherries with waifs of freshly crushed tomatoes, mulberry's, mulberry juice, dark maraschino cherries, hung meats, roasted beetroot is there with a background of earthy tones of ripe figs, warmed molasses, hung meats and freshly cracked walnut and chestnuts
Palate: complex, brooding and dry with a velvety lining running. long, juicy and controlled with just the right balance of fruit sweetness, tannin grip and elevated acidity that bring shape to the finish.
Food Pairing

Technical Details

Variety: Sangiovese
Vintage: 2015
Region: McLaren Vale, SA
Alcohol: 14.0%

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